The first introduction of S2E ‘User Compensation Plan’ on the Metacian platform: Expansion of the Metaverse economic ecosystem


    Jang Jin-woo, chairman of Data City WeMarket, who has worked hard to build the ‘Metaverse ecosystem’, is about to open the mainnet platform ‘Metacians’. As it is currently in the final stages of commercialization, it is expected that the establishment of a metaverse ecosystem with various contents will be completed sooner or later in countries such as Korea and Southeast Asia.

    Chairman Jin-woo Jang said, “We plan to officially open the mainnet platform in January next year. Mainnet means our own ecosystem. It has its own exchange and there is a single metaverse ecosystem centered on coins.”

    He emphasized that ‘economic activity’ in which currency (coin) actually moves within the metaverse ecosystem must be performed. Typical examples are NFTs, games, and coin trading. In particular, NFT is evaluated as the closest to the metaverse.

    Chairman Jang plans to build a profit model related to travel, education, and commerce for Metacians. It is explained that when AR technology is used together, it is possible to use a much more three-dimensional effect compared to the existing online method. In addition, it provides an environment where MDC coin, which is its own coin, can be swapped with other coins.

    Chairman Jang said, “We recently signed an agreement to attract the welfare mall of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions to Metacians.” ”he said.

    He decided to introduce a user compensation policy based on the concept of S2E (Stay to Earn) for the first time in the world to Metacians. Chairman Jang explained that it is a much more advanced concept than the P2E (Play to Earn) concept that has been applied to the game field so far.

    As game-based P2E has received a sensational response in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe with the advantage of 'user compensation', a strategy to overcome the limited concept of P2E and apply it to the entire metaverse mainnet to achieve the growth of the ecosystem. to be.

    The basic framework of S2E is to calculate the given running time by analyzing the log-in and log-out time (based on 24 hours), and if it is determined that the activity was normal, it is accumulated as points the next day.

    The points received in this way can be used for economic activities such as education, travel, e-commerce, paid games, and item purchases in Metaverse Economics or using the NFT exchange within Metacians. If necessary, it is a structure that can be withdrawn or cashed in the desired coin through the Metacians Swap Exchange.

    Separately, it is also planning to introduce C2E (Creator to Earn). C2E rewards creators who provide high-quality content such as games with points.

    Chairman Jang said, “In the past, people simply entered the platform and played games, but as the action progressed, P2E, which means ‘playing games and earning money’, appeared.” It doesn't make any sense. Compensation should be given according to the connection time. Metacians is introducing S2E, which compensates points just by staying in the ecosystem, to its own ecosystem, Metacians (mainnet), for the first time in the world.”

    He explained that content within Metacians will continue to be updated. In addition to decentralized swap-type exchanges such as ‘Uniswap’, which is currently available as a demo version in Metacians, NFT exchanges and Metaverse Economics are set to open in January next year. In addition, contents related to education, travel, medical care, environment, and memorial are also planned.

    The IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)-based directly managed data center, which was initially planned to be built on its own, decided to entrust operations to pursue efficiency.

    Chairman Jang said, “The metaverse is sometimes dismissed as a simple game, but the metaverse has the power to expand the economic ecosystem as a metaverse.” should not be classified as

    “The metaverse economy will move between reality and virtual reality in the future and build a huge economic ecosystem,” he said. “Conglomerates around the world are already directly or indirectly participating in the metaverse world. The metaverse can never be an illusion,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Datacity WeMarket has signed an MDC coin listing contract with LBANK.INFO, Asia's largest coin exchange headquartered in Singapore.

    Lbank is a coin exchange that has secured more than 3 million coin users. It is an international exchange within the 10th to 20th place in terms of trading volume, and its advantage is that there are many Asian coin users. DataCity WeMarket plans to use this as a marketing point.

Data City WeMarket CEO Jang Jin-woo won the National Assembly Standing Chairperson Award at the ‘Korea Challenge Festival’.