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The characteristics of this exchange are excellent security and stability using P2P-based blockchain technology.
It is an exchange with meager brokerage fees compared to existing exchanges.
This Metadata City MDC coin is a blockchain-based coin in Singapore in August of this year.
We will open our exchange and are planning to open branches in about 100 places.
Please keep an eye on the metaverse hub MDC coin's leap forward. 

What did the Meta Data City (MDC) make?

Unlike other metaverses, MDC is a system that is able to embrace not only the self-produced content but existing external content as well. This is made possible through the support of payment solutions and the innovative technology that is continuously advancing day by day. The MDC Metaverse Integration Platform is where you can become a part of a new world regardless of format.

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Three unique differentiators of MDC

1. New user compensation method Stay to Earn (S2E), low fees through creator-centered NFT
2. Equipped with IPFS decentralized distributed data management system
3. Ensure excellent stability through decentralized intermediaries and own exchanges

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MDC Coin 

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Crypto-Note Main-Net-based transaction coin construction and NFT issuance.

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Metagame platform

Earn money while playing games; the so-called P2E (Play to Earn) model is used as an asset in the blockchain ecosystem. It is a structure that grants users ownership of game items, etc., and can generate profits while enjoying it.

NFT digital file

Most of them are based on blockchain with NFT and virtual assets, and players can freely buy and sell while playing the game to earn profits. The blockchain game ecosystem can be divided into game communities, blockchain games, marketplaces, game development infrastructure, game studios, etc.

Financialization game

The Game Guild is currently organized in the form of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which raises and distributes capital to induce the financialization of games (GameFi), and aims to create a virtuous cycle of securing users through DAO. Giant games of various genres will be developed, and the market will expand.

A virtual world with blurred boundaries between reality and fiction

As for the expectations for the virtual world, wherein the boundaries with reality have been blurred through the metaverse are increasing, it helps the gaming industry to develop. Games will play an essential role in the growth of companies based on the metaverse securing the users.