Creating An OTEX Account:

1. Enter  , and click Login

(Click The UK flag icon to translate)

2. When the page has changed, click Sign-Up.

3. Click "Confirmed".

4. Fill up the requested information and click Sign-Up.

5. When the page has changed, Click Ok.

6. Congratulations! You have finally finished the whole Sign-Up Process, and now you can easily understand how to use OTEX with videos

*If you have already signed in mdcc365 wallet before, and have received an airdrop coin on a private sale, we can help you out in 2 different ways:
                        1. If you created an OTEX account, we can directly send your coins to your OTEX account                                                                                                     or

                        2. You can also use Metamask, just send your wallet  address to our email                                                                                                         (

If you are having difficulty using MetaMask, kindly let us know about your OTEX account ID, Name, Phone number, and E-mail Address after the creation of your OTEX Acoount.