Data City We Market, MDC Coin IEO Airdrop Event


[Sisa Magazine] Data City Wemarket (CEO Jang Jin-woo), a metaverse gateway platform building company, will hold an airdrop (free payment) event for 1,000 people with a vision declaration ceremony at the COEX Grand Volume to commemorate the IEO at 2 pm on the 16th. announced on the 13th.

On this day, Data City We Market will be hosted by Choi Seo-jin, Miss Korea 2021. It will be broadcast live on YouTube in real time through an announcer's interpretation in Korean, English, and Chinese.

At this IEO commemoration event, girl groups Nature, Little Psy, and the electronic orchestra, Odd Eye, will be invited to perform. In particular, Lee Sang-hee, who received attention as a supporting role in the recent squid game, which has been a hot topic around the world, will deliver a surprise congratulatory speech.

In addition, the metadata city MDC coin airdrop event will be held for 1,000 participants for the event participants.

In particular, Data City We Market expects the effect of nurturing talent through the learning effect that goes beyond the sense of reality through the three-dimensional effect of 3D and 4D in the virtual space beyond the online school and the immersion through the avatar.

Because it is based on high-definition and superior content image, Attraction is emphasized as a characteristic of the metaverse, which means that once you adapt to the metaverse, you will fall into the metaverse more and more.

CEO Jang Jin-woo said, “On May 17, MDC Coin will be listed on Southeast Asian-based exchanges such as overseas flux and dbaagent, and we are preparing to open the Singapore-based mdca global exchange in August with our own technology and capital. They are all blockchain-based exchanges, and they have the advantage of low fees and excellent security.”

He continued, "The metaverse will evolve into a convergence-type complex world rather than a dimension to obtain information," he said.

Meanwhile, Data City WeMarket signed a partnership agreement with the metaverse platform Second City to expand the MDC coin ecosystem.

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