[CEO] Jinwoo Jang, CEO of Metadata City, ahead of the listing of MDC Coin, a Southeast Asian-based exchange


"Data City WeMarket's metaverse hub MDC will be at the center of a paradigm shift in the coin ecosystem."

Jinwoo Jang, CEO of Data City WeMarket Co., Ltd., who is building a metaverse hub, said that the MDC (metadata city) ecosystem will become the standard for a new paradigm in the WEB 3.0 era.

Although the metaverse refers to a virtual world, his view is that it will actually evolve into a form very close to reality.

Therefore, he says, the metaverse will soon evolve into a fusion-type complex world that is an important part of life and not a dimension to obtain information.

A typical example is Metaverse School.

CEO Jang goes beyond the online school and can show outstanding effects in nurturing talent through the learning effect that goes beyond the sense of reality through the three-dimensional effect of 3D and 4D in the virtual space and the level of immersion through the avatar, which is part of it, and spans almost all industries. He said that Metaverse will become a core base for distribution and consumption.

The reason for this is that it is based on the excellent high-definition image quality and content image, so once you adapt to the metaverse, you will fall into the metaverse more and more.

In addition, CEO Jang proudly stated that the MDC Coin Metaverse Hub would put valuable digital contents from all around the world into one large bowl. This means that this is the metaverse hub platform.

MDC Coin metaverse hub-based technology is mostly composed of open-based decentralized block chain technology, and categories are made across all fields such as 3D game, travel, entertainment, art, fashion, shopping, education, travel, real estate, etc. It is also divided by country, and the implementation methods are 3d animation, vr, and ar, and he said that the metaverse UI (user interface) between creators and users (between users) is the descriptive power.

In other words, the metaverse is expressed as an image that can be identified and expressed almost without text, so it is possible to remove cultural and language barriers around the world, and it is argued that it is a new change in a human-friendly paradigm.

“Just as there is K-culture in Korea, there are separate cultures for each country and race in the world. However, the MDC coin meta is at the center of a new paradigm change because it is melted into the metaverse hub over these barriers and users have excellent access to use without specialized knowledge. There is a bus hub."

This is the part that CEO Jang emphasizes.

He continued, "The MDC metaverse hub contains virtual and real content in a convergence form within the metaverse hub," he said. It will become a non-fungible token (NFT).”

It is an analysis that judges NFTs as the most sophisticated means of value exchange and trading.

CEO Jang Jin-woo will list MDC coin on overseas exchanges such as flux and dba on May 10, and is preparing to open the Singapore-based mdca global exchange in August this year with his own technology and capital.

He also announced his ambition to establish agents in about 100 countries.

All of these are blockchain-based exchanges, which are characterized by low fees and excellent security, he says.

This is led by Dr. Na Jeong-sik, Global CTO of Daejeon Research Institute. Dr. Na Jeong-sik graduated from the Department of Blockchain at Victor University in the United States and is currently the president of the Blockchain Coordinating Association.

Metadata City is targeting 300 million users this year, starting with the beta service at the end of June.

Source: Pinpoint News (http://www.pinpointnews.co.kr)

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