Data City WeMarket, ‘MDC Coin’ listed on Lbank, Asia’s major exchange

Data City WeMarket, A Company specializing in games and Metaverse. The CEO announced that they completed a listing contract in the Singapore-based Lbank exchange.

Considering that Data City WeMarket is a Metaverse Company targeting Asian users. The CEO Jang Jin-Woo explained that the contract has a valuable meaning.

Lbank has more than 3 million users and it is an international exchange service. The CEO will be introduced to specialized open Metaverse economic activity services such as Education, Religion, Medical Center, Intellectual property NFT, Travel, and ESG for the next year.

To pursue the open Metaverse, it is planned to differentiate itself as a global hub (a higher Platform that collects several individual platforms) and competes with non-open platform giants such as Apple, Google, and Meta.

The CEO Jang says “All webs are subject to evolution over the next 20 years or more. Economics activities and communities based on the Metaverse will rule the world.

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Datacity WeMarket CEO Jinwoo Jang, airdrop event to advance into MDC in the global metaverse market