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MetaData City

Metadata City is the provider of the leading integrated platform of the web 3.0 era. It is a global company with a Korean technical research institute that designs the financial economy using various metaverse, high-capacity VR, AR, XR, and different blockchain technologies within the platform.

Data City Co., Ltd. prepares Asia's largest distributed data company, which is the foundation of the 4th industrial revolution, by building an IPFS distributed data hub in Asia based on the world's best IT infrastructure environment. The IPFS micro data center serves as a cornerstone for a new era of IPFS-centered data as various global distributed data projects are conducted in Korea.

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Augmented Reality

High-capacity data platform


Blockchain financial economy

Our core crew


  • Graduated from Yonsei University. 
  • Former adjunct professor at Kyunghee University. 
  • As a first-generation venture through the planning office of Hanjin Group, he was the first in Korea to recognize the scalability of the Internet when online travel was not yet ready, and established 3wtour, laying the foundation for the current online travel. 
  • Currently served as the chairman of WeMarket, B2B Alliance Forum. 
  • Established “DataCityBank” in recognition of the importance of data, which is the most fundamental data of the 4th industry.  .

Michael Chang

Executive overseas president

  • Overseas Business Representative Michael Chang : He ran for the Democratic Party of Canada in the 2021 federal election and served as the coordinator of the Statue of Peace committee.

chun-soo han 

metaverse nft president

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Kyonggi University
  • Served as CEO of Crony Co., Ltd.
  • Global B2B Alliance Forum External Cooperation General Manage

So-won Shim

PR  Ambassador

  • Former SBS Announcer

  • Seoul Media Graduate School

  • Currently active as MC for various domestic and foreign major events


Overseas Advisor

  • Belight Capital Group, JTP Partner Asia representative specializing in startup strategic investment and management consulting.



  • Graduated from FRATT College of Art, New York
  • SBS International Documentary Assistant Director
  • 2021 Miss Seoul, Miss Korea National Jin

Eunju  Lim

K fashion  Advisor

  • Azelia Dress Representative

  • Korea Hallyu Culture Awards Ceremony Azalea Dress Hallyu Fashion Show

  • The 12th "GMAEA World Cultural Performance Symposium Gala Show" Azelia Dress Fashion Show

  • Held 1 to 3 times at the Royal Palace Korea Hallyu Superstar Contest

Yeongmi  Lee


  • Executive Vice President, Global Meta-Influencers Association

ken park


  • Representative of Law offices of Park & ​​Associates
  • Western State University School of Law, Fullerton, CA
  • Tulsa University School of Law
  • Director of Korean Association of Los Angeles

walter stunder


  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Founder, Aurora Pacific Consulting and Development Corporation
  • Current Real Estate Development Specialist

Victor Baricuatro  Villamera


  • 15 years in Community and Project Management
  • Business Consultant for analysis and planning
  • Senior Executive Assistant to City Mayor
  • Independent Consultant for both private business and Government sector
  • Building Caretaker
  • Diploma in accounting, payroll and project management

Eric  Yang


  • President of the Canadian Community Action and Restoration Empowerment Association

  • Vice President, Taiwan Canadian Association

  • Deputy Advisor to the Overseas Koreans Association

  • 27th President of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Jongrok  Kim


  • President of Korea-China Business Exchange Association

  • CEO of Jeju Bunmaiho Land

  • CEO of JJC Local Government TV

Joo-tae  Kim


  • Representative of the National Solidarity of the Saebaram Movement

  • Director, Korea Leisure Development Institute

  • Jang Jun-ha, Chairman of the Spiritual Aid Society

  • Former KBS broadcaster

  • Former monthly journal publisher

  • Former Advisory Committee Member, Ministry of Sports and Youth

  • Former member of the management advisory board of the Civil Service Pension Service

Hiro  Okamoto 


  • President of Vancouver Japanese Business Association. 

Jang-wook Kang 

  • Smart City Society Advisor

  • Advisor of the Smart 4th Industrial Revolution Association

  • International Journalists Club Advisor

  • ​Advisory member of the Advisory Council for Democratic Peace and Unification


  • Yonsei University graduate

  • SW education expert

  • CEO of Next Coding

  • Newton Magazine Metaverse Digital Editor-in-Chief

  • Jeju Metaverse operation


  • A reporter specializing in the planning of the Maeil Business Newspaper.

  • International forum operation

  • World Super Talent Paris Planner

Bugun kim

  • Vice President of Sunray Tech
  • Sun & Win Energy Co., Ltd.  Seoul Branch Manager
  • Technical review member of Korea Construction and Transportation New Technology Association
  • Completion of the KAIST highest level ( AIM 49th)

jung-sik hyun

  • Economic Magazine / Top Contents Media / Woman Story - News Director

  • Director of Classic M News

soon-beom shin

  • 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th National Assembly members (Yeosu, Yeocheon, Gwangyang)
  • Chairman, Mankwang Scholarship Association

  • Chairman of the National Assembly Economic Sciences

  • Awarded the Proud Korea Grand Prize(Park Beom Memorial Hall)

jong-wook lee

  • Vice President of the New Korea Moral National Movement Headquarters
  • Vice Chairman of the Central Training Institute of the Han-Nara Party (Current People's Power Party)
  • Korea Leaders Development and Growth Foundation
  • Han-Nara Party (Current People's Power Party) Chairman of Jeongeup City District Party

jeok-hwa hwang

  • Law Firm Hub Representative lawyer

KI-bum kim

  • Wooduk Accounting Firm

Kyu-won lee

  •    Jinil tax firm

Dr. Hanjin Oh

  • South Korean family medicine specialist
  • Medical Doctor
  • Reserve Captain in the Republic of Korea Army  
  • Currently an adjunct professor at Eulji University Hospital

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