Metadata City

Prepares for a New Metaverse world 

Metadata City proceeds with a new integrated platform service of Metaverse in the Web 3.0 era. The times are changing rapidly, and Metadata City is preparing for the future and intends to proceed with a metaverse integrated global platform.  

Metadata City 

Open new world

Asia's largest IPFS data center and metaverse content hub.
IPFS and Metaverse are created together. 

Join in on a new world

Designed to be easily accessible to anyone in the world. As a global metaverse integrated platform, the development is focused on stability and convenience.  



The best developers in Korea are creating the Metadata City integrated metaverse platform. We provide an environment where users and developers from all over the world can participate comfortably so that global services are smooth.


Metaverse’s platform of Metadata City, where anyone can easily access, develop, and promote, will create new freedoms and new markets for all Metaverses.

Top Metaverse Service

Metadata City's Metaverse Integration Platform provides powerful integration capabilities that are not found anywhere else. These integration features will provide a variety of fun and excitement for the platform.

VR, AR, XR, Metaverse

This platform provides services by integrating various web 3.0 services in one place. We provide services on a stable platform for VR, AR, XR, and Metaverse.

The platform generates financial freedom

The MDC (Meta Data City) coin used in the platform will provide a new economy and financial freedom to the users of various metaverses.