DataCity WeMarket, NFT co-marketing business agreement with ‘PABISE’ in Dubai

    DataCity WeMarket Co., Ltd. (CEO Jang Jin-woo) announced on the 16th of November that it had entered into a business partnership with Dubai-based PABISE (Chairman Choi Cheol-ho), with the main goal of joint marketing and cooperation through DataCity WeMarket's own NFT exchange.

    DataCity WeMarket is a company specializing in the development of Dex (decentralized exchange) and the production and distribution of metaverse contents. PABISE is currently a Dubai-based company, and is a company entrusted with NFT rights for products from ancient relics museums such as Dubai.

    Choi Hyeon-woo, Chairman of PABISE, said, “The products that PABISE puts on the NFT market are verified ancient relics that can actually lend at least 70% from the Bank of London.” We decided to actively utilize open marketing with the opening in January 2023, and reached an NFT exchange partnership with DataCity WeMarket.”

    CEO Jang Jin-woo of DataCity WeMarket and Chairman Choi Chul-ho of PABISE predicted the future NFT market and said they had all the necessary conditions for minting ancient relics with high rarity and reliability and for this reason the Opening event of Metacians NFT Exchange will be on a grand scale. In addition, since it satisfies both rarity and reliability, which are the core of NFT trading, it is predicted that the transaction completion rate will be quite high.

    CEO Jang Jin-woo said, "In addition to the Seoul headquarters, mammoth-level personnel will soon be put in to build a metaverse and secure content, and we will also accelerate the opening of the NFT exchange." “Currently, swap-type decentralized development is underway, and we are planning to conduct extensive marketing in Asia through the Philippines,” he added.
    Meanwhile, DataCity WeMarket will soon announce the opening event of PABISE and Metacians NFT Exchange.

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