Datacity WeMarket CEO Jinwoo Jang, airdrop event to advance into MDC in the global metaverse market


Data City WeMarket announced on the 8th that it will ICO on the 10th of next month to build the ecosystem by launching the Metadata City Coin, which serves as a content gateway for the metaverse-based content hub.

Metadata City Hub enables metaverse app sites, NFT, AI, role-playing game-type and P2E, item NFT-type transactions and free trade. In addition, it will provide a service for uploading entertainment such as movies and sound sources, metaverse shopping mall platforms, high-capacity videos, VR, and AR.

“We are negotiating with the J Metaverse Ecological AI Academy Coding School, which is currently operating on Jeju Island, for implementation in Metaverse,” said Jinwoo Jang, CEO of Datacity WeMarket. With the branch as a key base, we plan to hold large-scale events in each country through agents throughout Asia.”

Meanwhile, on the 13th, an airdrop event will be held for domestic game and VR creators and users at the event hall of the Textile Center auditorium. data

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[CEO] Jinwoo Jang, CEO of Metadata City, ahead of the listing of MDC Coin, a Southeast Asian-based exchange