Data City WeMarket CEO Jang Jin-woo won the National Assembly Standing Chairperson Award at the ‘Korea Challenge Festival’.

Data City WeMarket, A Company Specializing in Metaverse announced that CEO Jang Jin-Woo received the award of the National Assembly Standing Chairperson at the 10th Korea Challenge Festival hosted by the Korean Challenge Headquarters.

The CEO Jang Jing-Woo is Known as the first generation of internet ventures. In 1996 It’s started with the first internet travel agency Located in Korea. It was selected as ‘Tourism Venture No.1’. It was the first time introduced various applications such as Education, Study abroad, and construction based on the internet.

CEO Jang emphasizes that the future of the Metaverse market will consist of borderless content and a content-based community market. It is explained that this is because the speed of development of the voice recognition real-time translation function supports this.

CEO Says “We plan to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign content organizations to establish it as an economic activity ecosystem such as the Metaverse specialized community, NFT, and Meta commerce. Starting with the English language”.

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